Kima Oia Suites
Immerse yourself in a tranquil oasis in the heart of Oia Santorini...
Kima Oia Suites
Marvel at the magical Santorini volcano from your private Jacuzzi...
Kima Oia Suites
Relax in a peaceful retreat right on the breathtaking Santorini caldera...

Kima Oia Suites

Our Santorini hotel

Ideally located in Oia, on the slopes of the worldwide famous Santorini Caldera, Kima Oia Suites is a tranquil oasis in the heart of Santorini. This beautiful Santorini hotel combines natural elements with modern design to create an amazing Santorini accommodation that blends smoothly with the natural surroundings.

Kima Oia Suites is one of the best places to stay in Santorini! It consists of 8 individually styled Santorini suites that have a Cycladic minimal design and provide all the modern amenities. Each of our spacious rooms is a private peaceful retreat for you to relax away from the hustle and the bustle.

Enjoy the breathtaking view to Santorini volcano and the Aegean Sea from our pool or your private hot tub… Relax under the Greek sun... Enjoy the privacy of your room... Start your day off right, having breakfast at your balcony... Get lost in the view of the endless Aegean Sea... Santorini holidays experience in Kima Oia Suites is out of this world! Are you ready for the authentic Santorini experience?

Elegant Stay


Santorini Accommodation


Staying in our Santorini hotel is a bucket list experience! Indulge in luxury and comfort in the serene environment of our Santorini Villas. Kima Oia Suites welcome you in 8 luxurious units and invite you to relax and enjoy the most unforgettable private Santorini holidays.

Our spacious bright Santorini suites have a traditional cycladic decoration with modern touches and colorful details. Combining elegance with fine materials and minimal design, Kima Oia Suites are going to be your very own hideaway in heaven!

About Santorini


Located on the south part of the Aegean sea and belonging to Cyclades island complex, Santorini is a magical place! It’s a world on its own, where the dazzling white of the houses meets the orange and pink of the sunset, to create a fairytale like atmosphere!

We make interiors infused with the spirit of contemporary design philosophies.

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