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Santorini Beaches

Thanks to the volcanic landscape of the island, Santorini beaches are amazing! Just imagine beaches with volcanic rocks, dramatic cliffs, red and black sand and pebbles. Get ready to swim surrounded by a beautiful lunar landscape! Let’s explore the best Santorini beaches!

Red beach Santorini

Probably the most famous beach in Santorini, Red beach boasts an impressive red landscape, as its name indicates. Located near the archaeological site of Akrotiri, this beach is often crowded and that’s why many visitors prefer to admire its breathtaking view from above!

Black beach Santorini (Perissa beach Santorini)

15 km southwest of Fira, you’ll find Black beach, one of the best beaches in Santorini. As you can tell from its name, this beach has black volcanic sand. But this is not the only reason why Black beach is impressive. The main attraction of this beach is “Mesa Vouno”, a giant rock rising from the sea!

Vlychada beach Santorini

This beach has dark grey volcanic sand and a beautiful lunar landscape. Its virgin natural scenery and isolated location make it the perfect beach for those who love more secluded beaches.

Monolithos beach, Santorini

This is a popular Santorini beach, preferred especially by families, as it has shallow, safe for the kids, waters. It has the trademark black sand of Santorini and facilities, such as a football pitch, a basketball court and a playground.


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