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Oia Santorini

Located on the southwest part of the island, Oia Santorini is probably the most famous village of the island, thanks to its amazing sunset and breathtaking caldera views!

Apart from enthralling sunset views, Oia also has some beautiful places for sightseeing, such as the Naval Maritime Museum and Agios Nikolaos Castle.

Being a traditional Cycladic village, Oia is full of whitewashed houses, picturesque alleys and has over 60 (!) churches. The architectural highlight of the village, though, is the luxurious Santorini hotels, with their breathtaking infinity pools. The truth is is Oia Accommodation incomparable! Staying in this village is a unique experience, as every morning you’ll feel like waking up in paradise!

Oia Sunset

Every afternoon, Oia gets crowded with people who visit it to watch the sunset. Every alley, balcony, and rooftop in Oia is full of both locals and tourists, who gather to experience this magic hour!

Watching the sunset in Oia is an indescribable experience! As the bright red sun sinks into the sea, the sky and the sea reflect a feast of magical colors. Red, pink, orange, lilac and all the shades in-between create a breathtaking scenery for a few minutes until the sun finally gives its place to the moon. It’s an experience you need to have during your Santorini holidays!


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