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Things to do in Santorini

Apart from breathtaking views and amazing natural landscapes, there are also many things to do in Santorini! From Santorini sightseeing to shopping in luxurious boutiques and from Santorini tours to tasting local yummy recipes, Santorini offers many experiences. There’s no way you get bored during your stay!

Santorini sightseeing

Many many years of history have gifted Santorini with amazing places for sightseeing! The ancient settlement Akrotiri is one of them. Akrotiri is located on the southeastern side of the island and was a prehistoric Minoan town, until the massive volcanic eruption in 1,600 B.C. destroyed it. The visitors can walk around the remains of this historical town and witness the glorious past of Santorini.

In Santorini, you’ll also find some amazing museums! Visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, the Nautical Museum, the Museum of Musical Instruments and the Folklore Museum. Immerse yourself into the history and culture of Santorini!

Santorini Wine Tours

Thanks to its rich volcanic soil, Santorini has a long tradition in wine making! There are many wineries in the island, which produce and export local wine varieties, such as Vinsanto, Nichteri and Mezzo. Santorini wineries are located mainly on the central and southern part of the island. Many big wineries welcome visitors for Santorini wine tours and wine tasting. It’s a must thing to do in Santorini!

Santorini tour to the volcano

The best way to explore the coastline of Santorini, as well as the nearby islands and the volcano, is by boat! The best thing to do is to book a Santorini boat tour to the little islands around Santorini. One of them is Nea Kameni, where Santorini volcano is. Explore the volcano, swim in the volcanic hot springs and marvel at the breathtaking view to Santorini. Pure bliss!

Local cuisine

It’s not a secret that the Greek islands mean great food. Santorini couldn’t be an exception! Thanks to its volcanic soil, Santorini produces delicious fresh vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes and white eggplants. Apart from vegetables, the most known traditional products of Santorini are fava bean, barley, “melitinia” (local pastries) and capper. You can taste them all at the many restaurants and traditional taverns of the island. For a more exquisite experience, indulge in a sunset dinner!

Santorini shopping

Do you love shopping? Well, it’s a must thing to do in Santorini. Get lost in the picturesque narrow alleys, discover luxurious boutiques, galleries, handcrafted jewellery shops and designer shops and indulge in endless shopping therapy. Also, don’t forget to bring back home with you as many local products of Santorini as you can!

Santorini honeymoon

Santorini is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world! The romantic sunset, the luxurious Santorini honeymoon hotels, the exquisite Santorini restaurants and the magic vibe of the island are what you need for an unforgettable romantic getaway with your significant other! Relax in your private jacuzzi, have a candlelight dinner, enjoy a cocktail on a rooftop…fall in love with each other all over again!


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